Hunting Packages In Namibia
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The very name Africa and Namibia stirs the subconscious and imagination of old Africa with the smell black powder cartridges and shooting sticks .

Today modern Namibia Africa offers a gripping experience hunting plains game and dangerous big game.

Most of the species can be hunted on our own concession. We also have access to a number of other hunting concessions in our area for any plains game species not inhabiting our concession.

We are experienced in hunting with first time hunters and with family groups.

Namibian Safari Hunting Lodge. Welcome hunters... I am Pieter Schalk Grobbelaar from Namibia Safari Hunting Lodge.

I am passionate about the hunting profession in Namibia, I have loved hunting since I was a boy. I am registered as a Professional Hunter, as well as a Professional Bow Hunting Guide at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and our farm is registered as a Hunting Operation at the Namibian Tourism Board.

I became a Master Hunting Guide in 2004 and then became a Professional Hunter in 2006.

Our Safari Hunting Lodge in Namibia - is a family business, it consists of excellent hunting opportunities with a family atmosphere. A large variety of Plains Game is available.

We would enjoy having you at Namibia Safari Hunting Lodge, come and enjoy the great scenery, lots of game and birds, warm hospitality, wonderful food and a hunting experience you will never forget! Remember - we will guide you in Namibia to a great safari hunting adventure you will not forget!
African Big Game & Plains Game Hunting At Its Best
Leopard on a bait now - please contact me for more details.